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Investment Manager PDS

Investment Manager Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs)

Information about some investment options is available in a PDS issued directly by the investment manager of the underlying financial product. This is in addition to the information in your superannuation Fund PDS and Annual Report.

Differences may exist between investing in an investment option through your superannuation Fund and investing directly in a financial product. For example, the fees may differ.

If there is a difference between the information in the investment manager's PDS and that of your superannuation Fund PDS, refer to the information in your Fund PDS for the terms applying to your investment.

Before making any investment decisions, you should consider the relevant information provided in the investment managers PDS. Where available, the current underlying financial product PDSs for options on the investment menu are provided below:

Investment Options

Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index Fund (PDF 239kB)

Vanguard Australian Shares Index option (PDF 234kB)

Vanguard Balanced option (PDF 241kB)

Vanguard Cash Plus Index fund (PDF 230kB)

Vanguard Conservative option (PDF 243kB)

Vanguard Diversified Bond Index Fund (PDF 234kB)

Vanguard Growth Index option (PDF 244kB)

Vanguard High Growth Index option (PDF 247kB)

Vanguard International Shares Index Hedged (PDF 246kB)

Vanguard International Shares Index option (PDF 248kB)

Vanguard International Small Companies Index Fund (PDF 240kB)

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